Diet, Exercise, Weight Loss Key To Lowering Blood-Cholesterol

diet, exercise, weight loss_A healthy diet with lots of seasonal vegetables, fruit and high-fibre foods such as whole grain can often bring high blood-cholesterol levels back to normal, noted Richard Raedsch, a member of the Professional Association of German Internists (BDI).

Raedsch said it was also important to eat less sugar and simple carbohydrates found in many supposedly healthy processed foods and heavily sweetened yogurt. Consumption of animal fats — contained in sausage and dairy products, for example — should be reduced as well.

Raedsch pointed out, however, that blood cholesterol levels were driven less by diet than previously thought. Most of the cholesterol in the blood is produced by the body itself. Weight loss and exercise, along with healthy eating habits, help to lower blood-fat levels.

Proper lifestyle changes usually lower cholesterol in just a few weeks, allowing many people to do without medication. Zeenews

Cattle Play Vital Role In Economic Development’

cattle play vital role_Cattle play an important role in rural economic development and hence cattle breeders should take extra care about their health advised taluk Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services Department Assistant Director Dr Ramanand.

He was speaking after inaugurating the free check up camp for unyielding  cows, on Saturday, at Yadarur village, organised by the Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Department.
He also informed that the department is supporting the feed and health of the cattle. It has also distributed seeds to grow greens for cattle feed and invited beneficiaries to utilise the facilities.

Veterinary doctors Dr R Nagabhushan Reddy, Dr Prem Kumar, Dr Manjunath Reddy, Dr Beerappa, senior veterinary examiner M Ramakrishna participated.  As many as 116 unyielding cows were treated at the camp. Also 438 sheep and 219 goats were administered de-worming medicine.  Lectures were also delivered to farmers. Deccan Herald

Grape Diseases Worry Growers

grape diseases_Grape growers in Bijapur district are battling grapevine diseases anthracnose and downy mildew that have struck the grape plants.

Many cultivators of grapes attribute the grape diseases to inclement weather conditions and untimely heavy rainfall in the last week of October and the second week of November.

Soon after the rainfall, many farmers had to destroy the plants because of their rotten roots. Many farmers have given up hopes of raising a good yield this season.

Babusingh Rajput, a grape grower of Jumnal village in Bijapur taluk, told The Hindu that those vineyards that survived the heavy rainfall are now threatened by anthracnose and downy mildew diseases.

“Since downy mildew is airborne disease, it spreads very quickly to vineyards and if it contained in the initial period, the entire crop is lost in a week’s time,” he added. By Pradeepkumar Kadkol, The Hindu

Why Intervention By Other’s Often Desired

why intervention of other's often desired_A recent psychiatric research study, suggested that teens become addicted and relapse more easily than adults because teen brains are much more motivated by drug-related cues. And with their brains still developing, teens who experiment with drugs are becoming “hardwired” addicts, which is difficult to undo. Of course, this probably means that any treatment length will probably take longer. There are many stages during the process, which can begin with identifying an addiction problem and learning about the various treatment options available.

As a matter of fact, addicts are often regarded as devoid of feelings, and heartless individuals due to the behaviors they’ve exhibited in the lifestyle of addiction. There are lot of addicts everywhere, however, who have hearts larger than life itself, but are caught up in a lifestyle often devoid of such feelings, and emotions. Yet, beneath the exterior and unable to help their selves, resides a pleading voice desperately needing help, and love which is why intervention by others is often desired.

Towards this point, drug addiction treatment have compiled a broad range of recovery options to help people find the treatment that best suits their needs which is necessary to renew and bring them back into the fold and stream of our society. Just remember that rampant non-professional rehab ‘referral agents are now operating on the internet. So whether you are seeking treatment at home, as an out-patient or in a residential ‘rehab’, and whatever your budget is, make sure that you are with the professionally qualified team that possibly works with you from beginning to end. Yes, you can only have it at the Addiction Advisor which will provides you with the ongoing absolute commitment to finding you the best value on private addiction treatment plus the on-going support in your home locality to prevent any possible relapse.

Obesity Increases Risk For HIV Patient

obesity increases risk_Obesity can increase risk among people with HIV, according to a new study. The study has shown that antiretroviral therapy may not be as effective on obese HIV patients as it is with people of normal weight.

Researchers from the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, who conducted the study, insisted that the immune systems among obese people with HIV do not respond as well as it does among normal weight people with HIV.

Nancy Crum-Cianflone, MD, who presented the study at the annual meeting of the Infectious Diseases Society of America, said: “Obese patients were found to regain fewer CD4-positive T cells after they start therapy than do people with normal weight,” said Dr. Crum-Cianflone.

“These findings don’t align with some of the earlier studies done prior to the advent of modern highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART), when patients who were obese did better than those of normal or below-normal weight.”

Data collected by the USU’s Infectious Disease Clinical Research Program (IDCRP) from participants in the US Military Natural History Study, was assessed as part of the study.

The data had details of 1,119 people, including documented dates of HIV seroconversion between 1986 and 2008.

Captain (Dr) Greg Martin, director of the IDCRP said: “The irony is that in the past we have been concerned that patients with HIV infection were losing too much weight.

“Yet this research is showing that there needs to be more of a focus on maintaining a balanced weight without going to the other extreme.”

Earlier studies had hinted that when HAART was unavailable, patients who were obese lost CD4 cells more slowly than people who had normal or below-normal weight.

Crum-Cianflone mentioned that the introduction of HAART has resulted in immune system recovery, which is measured by an increase in the number of CD4 cells.

She concluded that the study also “suggests that low CD4 counts may be another adverse consequence of obesity. Zeenews

Foot Ulcers Dangerous For Diabetics

foot ulcers dangerous for diabetics_Foot ulcers can be extremely dangerous for diabetes patients, according to a health expert.

Marcus M Riedhammer, MD, Certified Wound Specialist, Geisinger Medical Center, insists that diabetics with foot ulcer need to take extra care.

Foot ulcers are open sores that usually develop on the ball of the foot or bottom of the big toe.

They occur when repeated pressure is applied to an area of the foot, and are characteriszed by red, crater-shaped wounds that can range from a shallow crater only involving the surface skin to holes that reach as far as the bone.

Riedhammer said, “Foot ulcers can be painful and can lead to further infections and even limb amputation if they are not monitored or treated correctly.

“Diabetes can cause nerve damage, which lessens a diabetic’s ability to feel when an injury develops, and it can adversely affect circulation and the body’s ability to help wounds heal or fight off infection.

“Because of these issues, diabetics are particularly susceptible to developing foot ulcers,” Riedhammer added.

Dr Riedhammer suggested checking and washing feet daily and wearing shoes that fit correctly to avoid developing these ulcers.

Also, meeting with a podiatrist can help patients understand their risk for developing ulcers as well, he said.

He added that if an open sore develops, one should consult a physician immediately.

Patients can help themselves by removing the diseased skin dressing the affected area.

Rest and limiting pressure to the ulcer is very important, apart from taking prescribed antibiotics in the case of an infection.

Riedhammer concluded, “Foot ulcers may seem like a minor issue, but they can pose a serious threat to your health. By checking your feet every day, being aware of the risks ulcers pose and consulting a doctor upon the first sign of a wound developing, the risks and side effects of foot ulcers can be minimised.”

Geisinger Health System provides treatment to more than 2 million people throughout 41 counties in central and northeastern Pennsylvania. DNA India

Experts Advice For Hair Loss

hair loss_During my trip to Japan sometime last year, I came across one of the salons in Kameido which really surprises me much because it was on that parlor that I witnessed some hair experts doing some procedural matter that really amazes me much.  Although it wasn’t really surprising having been in the place where high technology seems only ordinary, but I really admire how beauty experts augment prosthetic with some of their latest technology nowadays.

Nevertheless, having that keen observation was also timely especially because an accompanying friend of mine that moment, whom has long been experiencing an emotional panic having unwanted hair loss every time he combs his hair, have made an initial consultations on proper things to be done concerning the matter. What really a sigh of relief from my friend having made him accompany us in strolling that area, as he wasn’t at first interested going out with us that day.

In a nutshell, if anyone here is concerned about hair loss, you’re not alone, 51% of people around the globe had cited thinning hair and hair loss as their top hair problem. Though there are many contributing factors to baldness, but all cause points  out restricted blood flow and nourishment to the hair follicles, leading to dormancy and/or death of the hair follicles.  Certain diseases, such as diabetes and disorders of the thyroid gland can also cause baldness. Sudden hair loss may be an early warning sign for some diseases which shouldn’t just be taken for granted. However, the good news is you can have the right hairstylist and/or dermatologist which can be a trusted partner in finding hair care/styling solutions. Just don’t be afraid to seek out expert advice