Where Cows Are Waited On Hand And Hoof

The attorney General may be the guest of honour at the opening of Bhaktivedanta Manor’s new farm today, but his status as a VIP will be overshadowed by a host of far more glamorous brown-eyed creatures.

At New Gokul, already dubbed the “Hilton of farms”, cows are worshipped by the Hare Krishna devotees who lovingly chant Sanskrit mantras and play relaxing music to them as they are milked or fed their favourite cabbage, carrots and jagari – raw sugar cane.

When Dominic Grieve QC MP cuts the ribbon and unveils the plaque at the £2.5m centre, he will do so under the docile gaze of 44 cows and bulls, adorned in flowers and brushed with coloured paint powders by devotees. [Read more...]

Top Ten Credit Cards

One of the first things that people might want to keep in mind would be the number of cards that they might have in their name or even in their partner’s name. Having more than necessary credit cards is definitely a bad thing and can lead to a lot of trouble. Keeping track your entire cards becomes challenging and you might end up losing track of one of them, which might put you in crisis. Ideally, whether you’re a consumer or a business owner having a credit card temporarily extends your purchasing power. Hence, to Apply for a Credit Card be sure to keep a tab on the number of cards you have and not exceed as much as possible.

Herewith are the top ten credit cards from the firstcredit.net for you;

1. Chase Freedom – a card with your choice of a $100 or $50 cash back bonus, which offers a low annual percentage rate and 0% interest for 12 months on balance transfers and 6 months purchases made with your card.

2. Discover More Card – this card entitles you to 0% apr on purchase made for a full 6 months and let you pay 0% on balance transfers for 15 months, plus you’ll get up to 1% unlimited cashback bonus on all other purchases.

3. Chase Sapphire – lets you earn a free flight or 25,000 bonus points after you spend just $3000 in the first 3 months. You also get double the pointes on all airfare booked through Chase’s Ultimate Rewards and fly on leading airlines at anytime.

4. Slate from Chase – this is the best general credit card available today, designed for customers with good credit, and offers a 0% apr for up to 12 months. If you’re looking for a great credit card without all of the bells and whistles, this is your card.

5. Continental OnePass Plus Card – the best airline credit cards in the industry where you’ll earn 25,000 bonus miles after your first purchase, and which is enough for a round-trip within the United States (excluding Hawaii).

6. IberiaBank Visa – although not well-known, the card offers a regular interest rate of 7.50%, which is well below the industry rate and quite a savings for you.

7. Capital One Platinum Prestige Card – a great card to transfer your higher rate balances, and processed your balance transfers in as little as 48 hours. You also pay 0% interest on purchases and balance transfers for up to 15 months.

8. Chase Ink Cash Business Card – designed to suit the daily needs of business operation, plus, you’ll get unlimited 1% cash back on all other purchases. No limit on the number of points you can earn, where you’ll get up to 10 points for each $1 spent.

9. Orchard Bank Visa/Mastercard – this credit card is excellent for rebuilding credit scores and is accepted at millions of locations wherever Visa and MasterCard are accepted.

10. Discover Motiva Card – rewards on-time payment made and entitles you a Pay-One-Time Bonus equal to a full month’s interest in your cashback bonus account. You also get 5 to 20 Percent Cashback bonus at over 150 top retailers through Discover’s online shopping mall.

In a nutshell, after going through all of the above and finding the offer that best suits your needs, simply complete the online Credit Cards application and in some cases you may receive a decision within 60 seconds. So go ahead now and apply for a credit with confidence.

Grass Could Be Bioenergy Crop Of The Future, Say Indian-Origin Scientists

A research team, including Indian-origin researchers, has found that grass could be the bioenergy crop of the future as the demand for biofuels increases, replacing corn as the premiere biofuel crop.

Researchers at the University of Illinois have completed the first extensive geographic yield and economic analysis of potential bioenergy grass crops in the Midwestern United States.

Demand for biofuels is increasing as Americans seek to expand renewable energy sources and mitigate the effects of fluctuating energy prices.

Corn ethanol is the main biofuel on the market, but demand for ethanol competes with corn”s availability as a food, and rising ethanol consumption could lead to higher food costs. [Read more...]

Mindful Eating

With the bulk of diet pills on the market today, it’s nearly impossible to determine which one really works and which doesn’t. As we may know, nourishment is not just what you eat but how you eat, too. That’s where the act of eating intersects the realm of the mind as well as the body, and why HCG is so important to practice mindful eating every day. What health practitioners and others in the field of weight loss all too often fail to address is the patient’s relationship with food. Unlike drugs and alcohol, food is a necessity, and abstaining forever is not an option. So, learn about HCG Diet now, www.yourhcg.com the leading source of diet information is here to help you.

Tomatoes Can Ward Off Prostate Cancer

Scientists at the University of Naples suggest that a daily serving of tomatoes could protect against prostate cancer and slow the growth of a tumour in an existing sufferer, reports the Daily Mail.

The study involving mice bred to be genetically susceptible to cancer showed those fed a daily diet rich in tomato extracts were less likely to fall ill – and survived longer if they did.

The findings are the latest in a long line of studies looking at whether tomatoes can combat the disease.

There have been conflicting results with some suggesting benefits and some none at all. [Read more...]

A Perfect Property

Facing challenges and everyday’s changes as time goes on is a part of life. How you deal with those things reflects on how you successfully manage it. However, things may sometimes blow out into proportion tending to possibly make anyone uneasy and feeling somewhat disoriented. Thus, it’s best to give ourselves a break from the monotony of a long days work. And so, why not go out somewhere on a vacation and unwind everything with your family or friends? Well, there are a lot of ideal vacations available for many people, which is a great way to remove everyone from the daily routine and enjoy everything while taking that much needed rest.

Though planning that much needed vacation is a daunting task especially when choosing where to stay, hence, make it quite easy by selecting Aspen Rental Homes. For people who love to explore some of the amazing outdoor activities whether it’s winter or summer season, there is simply no better place to spend your vacation than having it in Aspen. The place is first class in every respect, “simple and elegant” where you can have a perfect property for a ski vacation, a truly great experience combining the tranquillity and relaxation that the place can offer with great proximity to some of the nature’s beauty. Just be sure to call them now to reserve your next Aspen vacation.

Drink Beetroot Juice Daily ‘To Stave Off Dementia’

Want to stave off dementia? Drink a glass of beetroot juice daily, says a new study.

Researchers have carried out the study and found that a daily glass of beetroot juice could combat the onset of dementia among older adults — the drink actually aids blood flow to the brain and halt age-related ailments.

Beetroot, like celery, cabbage and spinach, has a high concentration of nitrates, say the researchers. According to them, when people eat high-nitrate foods, good bacteria in the mouth turn nitrate into nitrite. Research has already found nitrites can help open up the blood vessels in the body, increasing blood flow. [Read more...]