Survey Reveals Most Vacation-Deprived Workers In The World

Reveals Most Vacation-Deprived Workers In The WorldThe results of an international poll reveal striking differences in working cultures around the world, most notably in France, where employees take the most vacation days, and South Korea and Japan, where workers take the least.

In the 13th edition of Expedia’s annual “Vacation Deprivation Study,” 8,535 working adults were polled across 24 countries on their work-life balance.

The happiest, most well-adjusted employees in the world? That title belongs to Norwegians who were the least disgruntled of respondents, with only 17 percent of respondents saying they felt they needed more vacay. Norway is followed by Mexico (38 percent), Denmark (39 percent) and Sweden (44 percent). [Read more...]

Lost Lands Found by Scientists

Lost Lands Found by ScientistsA lost continent off the coast of Brazil may have been found, scientists announced this week.

Granite boulders dredged from the seafloor off the coast of South America two years ago could be remnants of a long-vanished continent, according to Roberto Ventura Santos, the geology director of Brazil’s Geology Service.

“This could be the Brazilian Atlantis,” Santos told reporters, adding that he was speaking metaphorically and not claiming to have found the legendary sunken world. “Obviously, we don’t expect to find a lost city in the middle of the Atlantic,” he said. [Read more...]

Biological Clue To Why Women Live Longer Than Men

Biological Clue To Why Women Live Longer Than MenWomen live longer than men partly because their immune systems age more slowly, a study suggests.

As the body’s defences weaken over time, men’s increased susceptibility to disease shortens their lifespans, say Japanese scientists.

Tests of immune function could give an indication of true biological age, they report in Immunity & Ageing journal.

The immune system protects the body from infection and cancer, but causes disease when not properly regulated. [Read more...]

Dogs Worst Enemy?

America’s sick fascination over the Special Forces gunning down Osama bin Laden included man’s best friend, man’s best friend, that is, according to the mainstream media. But man using canines in times of war actually dates back to 4000 BCE. According to Egyptian wall art, dogs were used in battles. Other ancient civilizations used dogs for war too, mainly to engage the enemy while fighting beside their masters. Dogs were often used to carry messages and human belongings or to serve as sentries. The Corinthians even built a monument in honor of a dog which warned them of an approaching enemy.

Sadly, mankind’s use (abuse?) of dogs did not change during the Age of Enlightenment and Industrial Revolution. In fact, some thinkers viewed dogs much like machines. Many dogs were killed as they were trained to run along the front lines so as to draw enemy fire and to reveal the gun positions of opposing forces. Wars in the 20th century witnessed military dog training centers and specialized breeding to produce the ultimate canine warrior. They were gassed, used to blow up tanks (known as suicide dogs) and to detect land mines or booby traps. Dogs also flushed-out enemy snipers and uncovered terrorist bomb materials. [Read more...]

If You Were On Her Shoes

The reigning Binibining Pilipinas-Universe Maria Venus Raj has been dethroned after beauty pageant organizers allegedly found some “inconsistencies” on her birth certificate. And as a result of which, she’ll be replaced by Bb. Pilipinas runner-up, Helen Nicolette Henson to represent the country in a forthcoming Miss Universe Pageant. Now, looking back into what really transpired is that if you were on her shoes, what would you feel?

Modesty aside, had these BPCI organizers really been doing their job honestly and religiously then all these things now could have been possibly prevented. Granting that all their allegations against this very talented and beautiful lady from Camarines Sur are all true and authentic, but the mere fact that the organizers know about it after a series of constant interviews and queries made by them, and aside probably from the organizers initiative in conducting a background and thorough check towards all its contenders, then it is presumed that they had fully admitted the fact because if not, then she should no longer be permitted to vie for that title and stand before the eyes of million Filipino people only to be humiliated later on publicly.

Nevertheless, how disheartening really the organizers decision because it was not the fault of Ms Raj, hence, they are putting the shame upon her for the blunder they’ve made. Thus, with all of the foregoing, I do not see any reason why she should have been strip of her title just because of the organizer’s ineptitude. Well, the recent interview made by ABS-CBN TV host Boy Abunda in one of their show, Ms Raj reveals that they’ll be filing a case against the pageant’s organizer which to our mind is the best thing for her to do. Anyway, you have all our support Ms Raj whose only fault is winning that title.

Ancient Egyptians Lived Like Gods On “Junk Food” – Study Finds

ancient egyptians lived like gods on junk food_The artery-clogging food and drink habitually consumed by the kings and queens of ancient Egypt would be classified as ‘junk food’ by contemporary standards and certainly guaranteed an early death rather than immortality, British scientists have found.

Bountiful banquets offered to the gods and eaten by Egyptian priests and their families were laden with saturated fat and bursting with calories – from the highly-popular goose to fortified bread, eggs and rich milk.

Researchers at Manchester University in northern Britain have found that hieroglyphic inscriptions on temple walls and the priests’ mummified remains bear the unmistakable signs of damaged arteries and heart disease.

Their findings, published in the medical magazine The Lancet Friday, said salt intake was also high and alcohol consumption would have exceeded modern recommendations.

Sumptuous meals of beef, wild fowl, bread, fruit, vegetables, cake, wine and beer were offered to the gods at the temple up to the three times a day, and often the priests would take the leftovers home to their families.

‘There couldn’t be a more evocative message: live like a god and you will pay with your health,’ said Professor Rosalie David, who led the study.

The findings also showed that blocked arteries caused by rich diets are not just a modern malaise, she said.

The findings are based on a new translation of hieroglyphs in Egyptian temples to reveal the offerings menu, much of which was rich in saturated fat and would be classified as ‘junk food’ now.

Goose, which was commonly consumed, provided 63 per cent of its energy from fat, of which 20 per cent was saturated, said the study.

In addition, the priests ate a type of bread fortified with fat, milk and eggs, while cakes were typically made with animal fat or oil.

Salt intake was also likely to have been high, since it was often used as a preservative.

Mummified remains of the priests showed high levels of calcified hardened deposits on the walls of arteries – clear signs of atherosclerosis, the narrowing of diseased blood vessels.

‘There is unequivocal evidence to show that atherosclerosis is a disease of ancient times, induced by diet, and that the epidemic of atherosclerosis which began in the 20th century is nothing more than history revisiting us,’ said co-author Professor Tony Heagerty, a heart expert.

The Manchester team looked at computed tomography (CT) X-ray scans of 22 mummies of high social status Egyptians. In 16 of these where hearts or arteries could be identified, nine mummies showed evidence of calcification.

The state of the priests’ arteries and hearts may explain why even the ancient Egyptian elite had low life expectancies of 40 to 50 years, the study said.

It pointed out that the rich fare was markedly different from the frugal, mostly vegetarian diet of ordinary Egyptians. M & C

DOJ OKs Murder Raps VS Ampatuan Sr, 196 Others

murders raps vs ampatuan sr_The Department of Justice on Tuesday recommended the filing of 57 counts of murder against former Maguindanao governor Andal Ampatuan Sr. and 196 others linked to the gruesome massacre of 57 people in Maguindanao last November 23.

In a 78-page resolution, the DOJ eight-man panel of investigation prosecutors led by Senior State Prosecutor Leo Dacera said “the confluence of events before and immediately after” the massacre took place led them to conclude that Ampatuan Sr., his son Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao Gov.  Datu Zaldy “Puti” U. Ampatuan, Datu Akmad “Tato” Ampatuan, Sr., Datu Norodin Ampatuan, and Datu Jimmy Ampatuan connived with the actual perpetrators.

The panel said evidence on record showed that the respondents instigated the plan to ambush members of the Mangudadatu clan on their way to the office of the Commission on Elections (Comelec) in Cotabato City to file the certificate of candidacy of Esmael Mangudadatu for the gubernatorial post in Maguindanao.

It said witnesses identified respondents Datu Andal “Unsay” Ampatuan, Jr., Datu Kanor Ampatuan, Datu Bahnarin A. Ampatuan, Datu Mama Ampatuan, Datu Sajid Islam U. Ampatuan, Datu Anwar Ampatuan, Datu Saudi Ampatuan, Jr., Datu Ulo Ampatuan, Datu Ipi Ampatuan, Datu Harris Ampatuan, Datu Moning Ampatuan, Mogira Hadji Anggulat, Parido Zangkala Gogo, Jun Pendatun, Kagi Faizal and Sukarno Badal as having directly participated in the massacre.

“These respondents were plainly pinpointed as among those who fired their high-powered firearms which consequently ended the lives of their intended victims. Positive identification of a person being implicated in a crime, when categorical, resounding, consistent, and without any ill motive on the part of the eyewitnesses testifying on the matter, is given credence. Considering such positive identification of these respondents as direct participants in the commission of the crime of murder, they should be indicted,” the DOJ said.

The DOJ panel said there is viable evidence to prove that some members of the Philippine National Police (PNP) and Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) “dipped their fingers in the preparation and subsequent consummation of the despicable killing of the victims.”

“There is direct evidence that these respondents agreed to commit the crime.  Their acts and the attendant circumstances surrounding the commission of the crime unveil a common aim that would make all of them co-principals in the crime committed.  We can deduce from their communal conduct a common design, concerted action and concurrence of sentiments… All the conspirators are answerable as co-principals regardless of the extent or degree of their participation,” the resolution said.

Aside from the murder charges, Ampatuan Sr. and the 196 accused are also facing rebellion charges for allegedly mobilizing supporters to resist, defy and undermine security forces who were investigating the massacre last November.

Judge Vivencio Baclig of the Quezon City Regional Trial Court Branch 77 is currently conducting the hearing on the rebellion charges in Camp Crame. He is expected to rule on the defense lawyers’ motion to stop the transfer of the suspects from Cotabato City to Manila.

Prosecutors asked the court to transfer the Ampatuans after the Supreme Court granted a petition seeking the transfer of the rebellion case from Cotabato City Regional Trial Court to Quezon City due to the Ampatuans’ strong influence in the ARMM.

Andal Sr. is currently detained at the Camp Panacan Hospital in Davao City. Other Ampatuan clan members linked to the massacre were also arrested and confined in military camps. Yahoo Daily News