Coconut Water Sells Like Hot Cakes

Coconut Water Sells Like Hot CakesWith the rise in mercury levels, residents of the city are making a beeline for roadside fruit juices helping the sellers do brisk business. The sale of natural thirst quenchers such as coconut water and watermelon juice has picked up.

With sale soaring piles of ‘daab’ and water melons can be seen stocked up beside every street vendors’ shops. “Summers have just started and the sale has already shot up. As it becomes warmer outside we will expect sale to rise too. I sell almost 20-25 pieces per day and the number will definitely increase,” said Guddu Yadav, a coconut water vendor in Lalpur.

During the summers most prefer to stay indoors to avoid heat waves. That has not deterred them from going out occasionally for coconut water. “Coconut water and watermelons hydrates and keeps us cool from within,” said Priya, a Ranchi resident. [Read more...]

A Test For Cholesterol Levels In San Francisco

hidden heart disease_Health Testing Centers has been serving patients with all of their cholesterol level testing needs for the last 30 years and will continue to do so in the many years to come. The company cares about the health and convenience of its customers and has numerous accessible lab test locations throughout the city of San Francisco, CA. Health Testing Centers recognizes the importance of customer satisfaction and has made the process of cholesterol level testing as simple as possible from start to finish. If ever in need of a test for cholesterol level in san fran, customers are encouraged to visit the company website at to learn about the company and the numerous services and tests that are available. To order a cholesterol level test, simply place an order for this type of test online or call the number that is given on the website. Credit card and paypal payment methods are the only acceptable form of payment.

Once the order has been placed, Health Testing Centers will send out an email to the email address that was provided at the time of order placement along with a requisition form attachment. The requisition form provides the prescription for the cholesterol level test and will be required by the lab testing center prior to any testing. To decide which lab testing center to visit in San Francisco, simply use the lab testing facility locator on the website. Once San Francisco is keyed in as the location, a list of all the available locations in the city will populate. Once a specific location is selected, customers may make an appointment online or via a phone call. Walk ins are always welcome but appointments are encouraged, as advance notice is not required and it is possible to make an appointment for the same day. All tests are performed by trained experts only with confidentiality in mind.

After the appointment, customers will receive their cholesterol level test results within one to two days to their email address. Patient confidentiality is assured, as all email correspondence is sent using HIPAA compliant secure email only. The results of the cholesterol level test are displayed so that they are easy to read and to understand. Patient results are displayed along with the normal acceptable ranges for cholesterol levels. Health Testing Centers cares about its patients and are more than happy to explain the results to customers. However, any patients who receive results that are out of the normal range are advised to seek the advise of a physician. At this point, the results received by the patient for the cholesterol level test are the sole property of the patient. As such, the patient may provide these results to his or her physician without the consent of Health Testing Centers.

The Year In Fitness

If all the Phys Ed columns published this year have a single message, it is that now is a fine time to own a body. The diverse exercise-related experiments published in 2011 and covered in this space each week suggest that it’s possible to retain your cognitive powers, muscle mass, running speed and waistline, even as you age, and that a little exercise can go a long way in terms of physiological benefit. Recent, important science even tells us that coffee, chocolate and beer enhance exercise performance, which is fortunate, since I have no plans to give up any of those. As most of us prepare our exercise resolutions for 2012, now seems an ideal time to review the past year in fitness science and the lessons it contained, both encouraging and cautionary. [Read more...]

Lots Of Sex ‘Key To Happier Retirement’

Married pensioners with a regular sex life are more likely to be happy, say scientists

The more often older people have sex, the more likely they are to be happy with life and enjoy a good marriage, a small study suggests.

The figures show that elderly people who had sex more than once a month were 50% more likely to say they were very happy with their life than those who reported no sexual activity during the previous year.

The findings were based on a US opinion poll of 238 people aged 65 or over and analysed by researchers at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. Participants were asked to rate their feelings about life and their marriage according to whether they were happy, pretty happy or not too happy. [Read more...]

An Assistive Element To Physical Therapy Treatment

Few months ago, it was Friday afternoon right after taking my lunch; I received a text message from a friend stating therein that two of my close relatives were whisk out to the hospital for sustaining multiple fracture and injuries as a result of motorcycle incident that transpired. Without much ado, immediately proceed to the hospital’s emergency room and found out that one of them were having several contusions on several parts of his body and a fractured bone leg while the other one was severely wounded on his left knee and a broken arm. Though how much I wanted to lend a hand, but I was reminded by a physician that treating fractures appropriately depends on the type and location of the fracture, and it was only through an x-ray where they can definitely determine the extent of a fracture.

Recently, though they were still undergoing a physical therapy but they’re now able to regain their physical strength, increase movement, endurance, improve range of motion, mobility, and restore function. Of course, had it not been for the biofeedback machines they had utilized, all of the efforts may just possibly be put into waste. Well, it was through biofeedback machines that patients learn to use their own bodies’ responses to control pain. These machines are employed in a variety of ways, and are intended to serve as an assistive element to physical therapy treatment. Biofeedbacks machines let the patient see or hear their own body’s activity and help the patient become more aware of his/her rehabilitation progress. So if you are looking for rehabilitation supplies and equipment, then look no further than electro medical equipment.

College Students Not Eating Enough Fruits And Vegetables: Study

College students get a failing grade when it comes to meeting their fruit and vegetable requirements, says a new study out of Oregon State University.

In a survey that studied the eating habits of 582 college students, researchers found that many of the students weren’t even getting one serving of fruits or vegetables a day. The recommended daily intake is five servings.

The study, announced August 17 and published online in The Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, also found that both males and females surveyed were consuming more than 30 percent of their calories from fat. The American Dietetic Association recommends no more than 30 percent of calories come from fat over the course of a week. [Read more...]

Dogs Can Sniff Out Lung Cancer, Finds Study

Benny can smell lung cancer in human breath samples.

The two-year-old Australian shepherd dog is among four sniffer dogs in Germany trained to detect lung cancer in breath samples of patients, their predictions of the disease matching standard medical diagnosis seven out of 10 times.

A team of doctors and dog trainers has trained sniffer dogs to distinguish between breath samples of healthy persons and lung cancer patients. Their experiments are described in today’s issue of the European Respiratory Journal. [Read more...]