No Great Enthusiasm for Benjamin Netanyahu Reelection

No Great Enthusiasm for Benjamin Netanyahu ReelectionSo much for compromise. As Israelis vote in parliamentary elections, Benjamin Netanyahu seems poised to win a third term. That doesn’t bode well for peace with Palestine, writes Dan Ephron.

In a country where prime ministers rarely last a full term, Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to get a third one today, as millions of Israelis vote in a parliamentary election that will likely strengthen forces on the far right that oppose any compromise with the Palestinians.

Netanyahu at Western Wall

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu touches the Western Wall, Judaism’s holiest site, in Jerusalem, Jan. 22, 2013. (Uriel Sinai/Getty) [Read more...]

Journalists Die Amid Syrian Clashes

Journalists Die Amid Syrian ClashesTwo journalists covering the war in Syria have died in two regions long engulfed in battle.

A longtime globe-trotting war reporter and “battlefield junkie” who once had been a mercenary fighter in Africa has been killed in the conflict-ravaged city of Aleppo, the French presidential palace confirmed Friday.

Yves Debay worked for Assaut (“Assault,” in English), a French magazine based in the Paris area.

Al Jazeera Media Network announced that a sniper had killed Mohamed Al-Massalma, a freelance correspondent in Syria. [Read more...]

Morsi Admits ‘Mistakes’ in Drafting Egypt’s Constitution

Morsi Admits ‘Mistakes’ in Drafting Egypt’s ConstitutionPresident Mohamed Morsi of Egypt took responsibility on Wednesday for “mistakes” during the run-up to ratification of the new Constitution and urged Egyptians to appreciate the fierce disagreements about it as a “healthy phenomenon” of their new democracy.

Appealing for unity after the bitter debate over the charter, which was finalized by his Islamist allies over the objections of opposition parties and the Coptic Christian Church, Mr. Morsi pledged in a televised address to respect the one-third of voters who cast ballots against it. “This is their right, because Egypt of the revolution — Egypt’s people and its elected president — can never feel annoyed by the active patriotic opposition,” he said, bobbing his head between the camera and the lectern as he read from a prepared text. “We don’t want to go back to the era of the one opinion and fabricated fake majorities.” [Read more...]

Iran Aims Biological Warheads At Israel

Iran Aims Biological Warheads At IsraelIran has 170 ballistic missiles aimed at Tel Aviv, many with biological warheads, WND has learned.

According to a source who served in Iran’s Intelligence Ministry and who recently defected, the Islamic regime has 170 missiles targeted at Tel Aviv from underground silos, some of which are armed with biological warheads.

The Islamic regime ruling Iran has prepared for the total destruction of Israel as well as a capability to target European capitals, he said. [Read more...]

Assad Says He Will Fight To The Last

Assad Says He Will Fight To The LastSyrian President Bashar Assad is taking the lamppost option.

His rambling speech on Sun-day, the first in six months, made it clear he intends to fight Syria’s near-two-year rebellion to the end, however destructive to his people and country that proves.

He will either win or, far more likely, end up hanging from the nearest lamppost when the rebels root him out of his last bunker.

But Assad himself appears from what he said on Sunday to be convinced he can win, and that what his troops face on the streets – even in the outskirts of Damascus – is not a real rebellion by Syrians against his rule.

What he faces, said Assad, is an insurrection promoted by “foreign enemies” and plain terrorism mounted by al-Qaida.

There is no popular revolution, he said. [Read more...]

Anti-Putin Protests Draw Tens Of Thousands

Tens of thousands of Russians jammed a Moscow avenue Saturday to demand free elections and an end to Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s 12-year rule, in the largest show of public outrage since the protests 20 years ago that brought down the Soviet Union. Gone was the political apathy of recent years as many shouted “We are the Power!”

The demonstration, bigger and better organized than a similar one two weeks ago, and smaller rallies across the country encouraged opposition leaders hoping to sustain a protest movement ignited by a fraud-tainted parliamentary election on Dec. 4.

The enthusiasm also cheered Mikhail Gorbachev, the last Soviet leader who closed down the Soviet Union on Dec. 25, 1991. [Read more...]

Needs For Senior Living

The first of the Baby Boomers began reaching age 65 this year.

By 2030, the number of people 65 and older will comprise 20 percent, or about 71 million people, of the U.S. population, according to research conducted by Prudential in 2010.

Over the last several years, boomers have proven their resilience and strength in continuing to work full- or part- time jobs, although for many it’s a necessity. [Read more...]