Membership Identification

Hopping from one place to the other last summer was some kind of an interesting fun we had. We happened to passed by a countryside neighbourhood of about few thousand residents who were then at time in the final stage of forming and organizing themselves into a non-profit organization. We were warmly greeted by some of the community folks in the area, and since one of my companions has enough knowledge about the ongoing activity they had, he unselfishly imparts his know-how to the group. Accordingly, the process of forming a non-profit organization is similar to that of forming a for-profit corporation, with a few additional steps required to obtain tax-exempt status. The benefits an organization gains from non-profit status generally make the effort and organization required to file the paperwork very worthwhile.

The beauty of being in a non-profit status is that it excludes an organization from having to pay state or federal income tax, enables an organization to solicit tax-deductible contributions and to qualify for many public and private grants, and provides its members and directors with a level of liability protection. Now, upon knowing all of the above potential benefits, the group decided to have all its members be issued with identification cards for their future use especially when they’ll be transacting business, and for them also as a means of membership identification. Towards it, they also have decided to affect the purchase of membership cards printer to be used for its member’s id card printing. And since they’re focused enough in pursuing the gigantic move, thus, the core group advised their marketing staff to only purchase the Pronto ink which will be used in printing their individual id cards.

Asia Must Take Radical Steps Towards Clean Energy

With an energy crisis looming, Asian Development Bank (ADB) President Haruhiko Kuroda today called on Asian nations to “take radical steps” to increase energy efficiency and invest in renewable energy.

Asia and the Pacific’s strong economic growth and its increasing population are generating the world’s fastest growing demand for energy. It is estimated that energy requirements in the region will double by 2030. If left unchecked, the lack of energy security may reverse the region’s hard-won gains in poverty reduction. Continued reliance on fossil fuels will also increase the threat of climate change, thus affecting millions of Asia’s poor and vulnerable through increased natural disasters and shortages in food and water.

“Asians have more to lose from climate change than any other people. The climate fight will be won or lost by decisions made in this region,” said Mr. Kuroda in an introduction to the 6th Asia Clean Energy Forum (ACEF) in Manila today. “An important key to lowering energy intensity is the elimination of fossil fuel subsidies and transition to renewable energy. Asia must also take radical steps to increase energy efficiency.” [Read more...]

Considering Technologies

For people that have been paying attention to some of the new marketing techniques over the last few years, you should know a little bit about what has been taking place with the business environment. Well, Epos systems from Maxa Solutions is a fast moving and ever developing industry that aids the customers journey throughout the shopping experience and business efficiency. Controlling sales, stock and progress is essential to helping a business run effectively; these points of sale tools can improve nearly every area within a business. Their solutions are primarily EPOS related but are not only limited to this category of product.

Meanwhile, to support their solutions, they offer a vast range of services such as carrying out site surveys, provide pre and post sales support, configuration of software, installation of hardware and software as well as comprehensive training for all their customers. And what makes them more reliable is that their barcode printers uk can aid nearly every step of the customer journey, from parcel labelling for shipping services, product mark down, ticketing and product labelling within the store. So, when you are considering technologies, choose the services provider with the widest geographic coverage, the highest level of expertise and the most experience in the field.

Panasonic Sees Annual Profit Down 11 Percent After Quake

Japan’s Panasonic Corp forecast on Monday its full-year operating profit would drop 11 percent to 270 billion yen ($3.4 billion) in the year to March 2012, after the earthquake and tsunami in northern Japan hit production and sales.

Like many of its rivals, Panasonic delayed its profit forecast due to lack of clarity about the effects of the quake.

Market consensus was for a profit of 262.6 billion yen, based on the average of 21 estimates by analysts polled by Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S.

The maker of Viera televisions and Lumix cameras posted a 305 billion yen profit last year, and said in April it would have raised that to 310 billion yen in the current year, if it were not for the effects of the March disaster, which damaged factories and crimped domestic demand. [Read more...]

How The Internet Is Affecting Marketing

Simply by registering on a beauty forum, Zhao Minrui received some of L’Oréal ‘s latest sunscreen lotion.

It was the third time she had received a free sample this year, either for sharing her experiences of skincare or participating in online bidding.

With or without even realizing it, the 20-year-old sophomore had played a role in increasing the popularity and sales of the cosmetics, while at the same time getting a decent return.

“My friends and I find new skin products through micro blogs (Weibo in Chinese) or gaming sites, and we carefully study the online comments before deciding whether to buy them,” Zhao, the young but experienced online buyer, told China Daily. [Read more...]

Laptops In The Sun: Tips For Handling Annoying Mirroring

Your new laptop’s display practically brims with brilliant colours and great contrast. You might have noticed a bit of glare from the nearby window when it was at home on your writing desk, but it remained manageable.

It’s not until you take the computer outside into the sunshine that the trouble occurs: No matter how high or low you set the brightness, you’d be better off using the display as a makeup mirror than trying to see what’s on the screen. Is there anything to be done about this?

‘Reflections on laptops are an enormous problem,’ says Kirstin Wohlfahrt from German consumer testing organisation Stiftung Warentest in Berlin. ‘We’ve been pointing to this in our tests for years.’

The group’s complaints haven’t brought about much change, though. Laptop makers continue to market laptop lineups featuring glossy displays. They justify this at least partially by demand: Most consumers do in fact tend to buy the devices. ‘Many customers are fooled by images that look better when under store lighting,’ Wohlfahrt says. [Read more...]

Not Connecting People: Nokia Close To Losing Mobile Phone Crown To Apple After 17.5% Share Slump

Nokia, the biggest technology company in Europe, whose slogan is ‘connecting people’, has suffered a 17.5 per cent slump in shares, signalling a 13-year low – and is close to losing its crown as the world’s largest mobile phone retailer.

The Finnish multinational communications corporation, whose headquarters is in Keilaniemi, Espoo – a Helsinki suburb – has lost market share to iPhones and other smartphones and said it is expecting a drop in sales.

It is the latest sign that that company – which was a pioneer in mobile phone technology, producing one of the first commercial models in 1987 – has been overtaken by competitors such as Apple, who continue to gobble up business.

Only last month, Nokia announced that there would be 700 job cuts in the UK. [Read more...]