Six Ways To Change Your Perspective About Your Job

Six Ways To Change Your Perspective About Your JobIs your job stressing you out again? We all (or most of us, anyway) have those moments, those hectic days when we just want to hand in our resignation, hop on a plane, and spend the rest of our days sipping a margarita on a beach somewhere. But we you can’t unplug your source of income just like that, we often have to suck it up. Isn’t there a better way? Why yes, as a matter of fact. It begins with looking on the bright side and changing our perspective about our jobs.

1. Maintain a positive attitude

If you have that “grass is always greener on the other side” mentality, no matter what you do, you will never be satisfied. Restilino Areglado, a messenger at a realty firm and studio, always comes to work with a bright smile and finds ways to get his job done through typhoons, heat waves, monstrous traffic, and surly receptionists. Whenever he is thanked for something, he replies, “I’m happy to do it. I love my job!” Why, you ask? “It’s the only one I got, the last one I plan to have, and for me, there’s no replacement for it,” he says earnestly. [Read more...]

7 Ways To Win Every Argument

7 Ways To Win Every ArgumentEntrepreneurs are passionate people. We want to be heard. But often, knowing when to shut up can benefit you immensely. Cultivating your ability to hold your tongue is important.

Make no mistake, this is something I still struggle with every day. But after twenty years of wishing I’d just kept quiet that one time — here’s my advice:

1. Remember, it’s not personal. It’s business. A few years ago, I sued a major toy company who I thought had infringed on one of my patented technologies. Looking back, I think we could have settled the dispute quickly if cooler heads had prevailed. But I became emotional and so did they. The conflict ended up in federal court after dragging on for three years, which took an enormous toll on me. It’s best not to make decisions when you’re emotional. Step back and ask yourself: Is this the best course of action or am I just upset right now? [Read more...]

Women Are Addicted To Their Smartphones: Report

Women Are Addicted To Their SmartphonesThe rather bold claim is made in a US study titled “Women + Mobile: The Unbreakable Bond,” commissioned by Time Inc and Nuance Digital Marketing, that set out to understand how men and women differ when it comes to smartphone use.

As well as establishing that the smartphone is the most important device in a woman’s life (60% versus 43% of men in the study) it also reveals that for 87 percent of the 1200 women surveyed, life without a smartphone is unimaginable, with 98 percent saying they take their handsets wherever they go. [Read more...]

When He’s Ready To Marry You

When He’s Ready To Marry YouSure, the diamond ring and getting down on one knee will pretty much give away the fact that your guy is ready to make you his wife. Or asking you to move in with him is a great sign that he’s ready to commit and wants to eventually walk down the aisle with you by his side. But there are also some not so obvious clues. Like these ones (you lucky girl!).

1. You know his mom, his dad, his sister, and his pet dog

Which means that you spend quite a good amount of time with his family. And that says he’s comfortable with you and wants you to stick around for long (or else he wouldn’t even bother including you in family affairs if you’re just temporary—imagine trying to explain that to mom!). So if you find yourself spending weekends having dinner with his parents or the holidays at family functions, your chances are pretty good with this one. [Read more...]

Yes, Real-Life Vampires, Werewolves And Zombies DO Exist!

Yes, Real-Life Vampires, Werewolves And Zombies DO Exist!A psychiatrist’s face-to-face encounter with the ‘undead’

Vampires, werewolves, and zombies are known to be mythical characters and most people get to see them only on two occasions: in the movies or in costume parties on Halloween.

Psychiatrists like me however get the real deal—a face-to-face encounter with these “creatures” in the clinic.

Yes, true-to-life vampires, werewolves, and zombies do exist and they actually consult psychiatrists! [Read more...]

3 Ways to Make Your Business More Efficient

3 Ways to Make Your Business More EfficientIt’s no secret the workplace is changing. How we work, collaborate, and communicate with each other is increasingly shaped by technology and tools to increase productivity. But what happens when we get bogged down with e-mails and move away from the actual work?

Last week, thought leaders from all over the country gathered at Chicago Ideas Week to discuss the future of work, and how we can do it better. Here’s how to cut the inefficiencies in your office. [Read more...]

Figuring Out The Wedding Registry

Figuring Out The Wedding RegistryA lot of preparation goes into planning your wedding (and more importantly, your life ahead as a married couple). One aspect that involves a lot of grunt work is mulling through different specialty shops, department stores, galleries and even online sites just to find a big selection of items that you will, eventually, need in your future home that guests at your wedding can pick and choose from (while working within their individual budgets!).

It can be overwhelming to have so many items to choose from. And when you’re also not sure of what style you’d like to deck your home with, it can be an even bigger challenge to find the right pieces. Save some time by working on this starter list and find your personal style as you browse through stores ticking off these times. The most important part of registering for your wedding? Have lots of fun! [Read more...]