Visa-free Japan Trips For Pinoys Soon?

Visa-free Japan Trips For Pinoys SoonFilipinos who wish to travel to Japan might no longer have to apply for tourist visas under the country’s new tourism plan, a leading Japanese news agency reported.

Quoting government sources, Kyodo on Monday said arrangements are being made “to waive visas for tourists from Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam.”

The move is one of the initiatives to boost tourist arrivals, and will likely be part of a revised action plan the Japanese government will release in June. [Read more...]

Taiwan Stages Mass Anti-China Trade Pact Rally

Taiwan Stages Mass Anti-China Trade Pact RallyTens of thousands of Taiwanese protesters took to the streets in Taipei on Sunday in a bid to pressure embattled President Ma Ying-jeou to retract a controversial trade pact with China.

The protesters, many wearing black shirts and headbands reading “defend democracy, retract service trade pact,” crowded the streets leading to the presidential office, despite fresh concessions offered by Ma to further scrutinise agreements with China. [Read more...]

Baltic States Tackle Defence Spending After Crimea Takeover

Baltic States Tackle Defence Spending After Crimea TakeoverWary of their powerful neighbour Russia, the Baltic states of Lithuania and Latvia plan to double defence spending while Estonia will maintain its strong level after watching Moscow take over Crimea.

The three countries of 6.3 million people will mark on Saturday a decade since joining the NATO military alliance, a move seen as a bulwark against unwanted Russian overtures.

Relations between the Baltic states and Russia have been tense since they broke free from the crumbling Soviet Union more than two decades ago. [Read more...]

10 Single Girl Traits To Re-learn After A Breakup

10 Single Girl Traits To Re-learn After A BreakupBreakups are hard and once you’ve finally got over those tough early days and have left your comfy pajamas and tubs of ice cream behind, it’s time to re-learn some of your single girl traits and rise to the new challenges that face you. Here we show you the 10 qualities every single girl needs to embrace.


Now that your guy has gone, you won’t feel so good about having long, lazy weekends where you stay in bed until six in the evening. Being single means that you need to be proactive and book up your free time with meals out with friends and trips with your family. [Read more...]

Cozy Up Your Home

Cozy Up Your HomeIt’s still sweater weather so dressing up your space with the right accessories allows you to maximize  those warm, fuzzy feelings when you cozy up.

Pile up layers on your bed.

To your standard blanket add a warm, thick Ilocano blanket.

Pull out those duvets, comforters or quilts you’ve been keeping at the back of your closet.

Stay away from cool satins for your linens and move instead to warmer cottons and knits. [Read more...]

A Relaxing Moment

A Realxing MomentI was dreaming last night that I was with my friends at the swimming pool and because of it, I feel a little bit stressed this morning—really, a lot stressed. Eventually, I decided to unwind with a bath, however, I was just upset because water is not flowing freely and which makes me feel bored. Thus, I decided to take a bath at my sisters’ place. And after almost a 20-minute soak I felt like I had sent my body and mind a well-deserved Valentine.

Well, to dream that you are taking a bath signifies a cleansing of your outer and inner self and a washing away of difficult times. This dream may also be symbolic of ridding yourself of old ideas, notions, opinions, and other negativities. And, of course, it helps with anxiety and stress. Staying at home during Saturday is quite a relaxing day. Now, why don’t you do yourself one better? [Read more...]

Boyfriend Forgot Your Anniversary? Sorry, Science is on His Side in This Argument

Boyfriend Forgot Your AnniversarySigh. Your guy showed up on your anniversary (or your birthday or Valentine’s Day or whatever the special occasion might be) empty-handed and completely clueless, and you’re mad. His excuses might just make you even more enraged, but he’s got one that’s kind of legit: science.

According to a new Norwegian study, men really are worse at remembering than women. The research asked 48,000 people to report how well they remembered things and found that men do tend to forget more than women. In even less encouraging news, men proved to be just as forgetful whether they were 30 or 60. [Read more...]